Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. What is the cost for the complete teen course?

A. The Complete Teen Course is $475.00

Q.   At what age can we start the Drivers Education Program?

A.   You can start at 14 years of age as long as you turn 15 years age before the end of the class.

Q.   Do we have to pay the tuition in full by the first day of class?

A.  Yes, entire balance must be paid in full on the first day of class.

Q.   When can I get my permit?

A.   If you are 15 years old and have completeted the first 4 hours of classroom and have turn in the 3 forms which are hand out on the first day of class. The forms are Enrollment form,wavier,and the rules and regulations.

Q.   Does your school hand out our permits?

A.   No we do not, (this means after the second day of class) you can go to the DMV and take a written test, then they will issue the permit. Providing you have turned all 3 forms that were handed out on the first day of class.

Q.   Do you provide transportation to the class?

A.  No we do not, We only pick up from home or school for the driving sessions..

Q.   What forms do I need to take in order to get a permit?

A.   Birth certificate or Passport , Social security card

    2 Forms of address verification with students name.

     Permit application (We supply)

Q.   Who can I drive with while holding a permit?

A.   Mom or Dad or anyone 21 years old approved by Mom or Dad, which has held a valid drivers license for more than a year.

Q.   When can I start driving with an instructor?

A.  The instructor will schedule the student for the driving hours, and a calendar will be given to the student with the scheduled driving hours.

Q.   How many hours do we drive with the instructor?

A.   Six hours behind the wheel and six hours of observation with another student.

Q.   What happens if I miss a class?

A.   Make up classes are available. Any class missed has to be made up before the course ends.

Q.   How many instructional classes can I miss?

A.   After 4 absence's you will be dropped from the class and will need to enroll in a different class, and pay the fees again.$475.00

Q.   Do we have to drive with our parents for 100 hours?

A.   No, but you are required to drive with your parents a total of 50 hours and log the hours on a booklet that is handed out at the DMV at the time you obtain your permit.

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